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The White List A-L: Updated 09.2012

The White List M-Z

The White List is a listing of writers, editors, and other publishing professionals that have LiveJournals or LJ RSS feeds. Not all are pro, but all have one thing in common: a love of writing.

LAST UPDATE: Septemberr 18, 2012
Very small update this time with a few additions, a couple updates, and a few removals.

If you see any errors on this list, please don't hesitate to let me know, but please include the user name(s) for what needs to be fixed. The list is just too long for me to look for a specific entry without the user name. Thanks.

You may submit names to The White List as comments to this post. Once I've added the information I'll delete the comment. I will also honor requests to be removed from the list.

lj user name (in the appropriate arrow <> brackets) - author name (or feed source) brief blurb about the writer or purpose of the journal

PLEASE, follow the directions for posting new additions, including a single dash between the lj user name and the description. Find/Replace then Copy/Paste is so much easier and less time consuming for me than Find/Replace, locate fixes, then Copy/Paste. Thanks.

January 2009 will be the last time I add anyone who does not format their request to be added as asked. I don't mind keeping up the list, really! But I do mind having to spend time reformatting requests so they are the way I need them to be. I hate to be rude, and it may not seem like much, but the time does add up, and I do have other things to do. ;)

1. Please format EXACTLY as above to make copy and paste easier; that includes keeping the dash (and spaces around the dash) where placed since I use find/replace to format entries appropriately. The url to the journal or user info is not necessary if formatted as above.
2. Keep all information in the blurb in a single paragraph format -- do not use a line space to separate information on the same entry. Keep blurbs brief.
3. Submissions MUST have LJ accounts or RSS feeds. The White List is an LJ community. You may include a personal website url in the description if you wish, but only those with an LJ account will be listed.
4. PLEASE use your browser's search option to make sure your submission isn't already present.
5. If you're posting more than one entry, PLEASE separate them by a blank line and make sure each entry has all the information and is formatted as requested above.

Blurbs may be edited to keep them as brief as possible. More than one listing per author is allowed as long as additional listings relate to writing AND are kept current. However, if a writer has moved his/her blog/feed, only the most current should be listed.

And PLEASE DO write a blurb instead of making me hunt down information on the author or site being added--what the author writes, recent publications, a list of markets his or her work has appeared in, etc. It's always nice to give people something other than a name they may not have heard of before.

I've attempted to keep the listing alphabetical by user name. Please don't hesitate to comment on any corrections that need to be made, including fixes, updates/changes to entries, new entries, and removals of entries not related to the writing field or LJ's that haven't been updated in a year or more.


And, now, on to the list:

_starlady_ - Diane Turnshek, science fiction, fantasy, horror and erotica author; website:
_stranger_here - Karen Meisner, fiction editor, Strange Horizons
_swallow - Assistant Editor at American Poetry Review.
1crowdedhour - Caroline Stevermer
2muchexposition - Liz Gorinsky, editor at Tor/Forge
a_brennan_news - blogspot feed for Adrianne Brennan, dark fantasy and scifi writer
a_r_williams - Aaron Williams, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer
aaronace - Aaron Acevedo: author, illustrator and founder of Talisman Studios.
adamcadre - author of Ready, Okay! LJ announces updates to his website
adarkjewel - Jade Walker, journalist, obituarist and overnight editor for Yahoo! News; website:
adele_cb - published poet and freelance non-fiction writer, currently working on the third in a series of horror/fantasy novels, website:
adriannebrennan - Adrianne Brennan, dark fantasy and scifi writer, Blood of the Dark Moon will be released by Aphrodite's Apples in 2007.
adriennelily - Adrienne Allmann, sff writer, and the other Managing Editor of Lenox Avenue.
aelle33 - Aelle Ables, published writer of fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction. website
agent_j_jackson - feed for literary agent Jennifer Jackson
agent139 - Rants and raves of J Curcio, author of the novels Fallen Nation, Join My Cult!, and various published essays on myth and culture.
agentobscura - Nadia Cornier, founder of Firebrand Literary and co-author of How to Write and Sell the Young Adult Novel, to be released by Writer's Digest in December 2006
agentturnaround - a community is for writers who want to be kept up-to-date about agent turnaround times
al_zorra - Constance Ash; SF/F, novels, short fiction, antho"> - award finalist but not winner. Photographer, researcher, journalist.
alaneer - Z.S.Adani (Sophy) published SF writer; website:
alankria - Alex Dally MacFarlane, writer of short fantasy/experimental/strange fiction and poetry, reviewer for Tangent Online.
alden_journeys - the feed for SFF author Denyse "domynoe" Loeb's introspective journal on writing
aleuromancy - Anna Genoese, freelance editor
alex_beecroft - historical, romance and fantasy novelist and m/m reviewer for Affaire De Coeur magazine.
alexotica - Alex Wilson. Writer and actor in Carrboro, NC. Runs the audiobook project Telltale Weekly and writer wiki Guidevines.
alfreda89 - author Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
alg - Anna Genoese, editor at Tor/Forge
alicek - Alice Solas Kim, short story writer
aliettedb - Aliette de Bodard, fantasy writer
alisonkent_blog - syndication for Alison Kent, writer of writing action adventure/suspense for Kensington Brava and hot and sexy series romances for Harlequin Blaze
aliventures - feed for author and writing coach Ali Hale Luke
allycarterfeed - the feed for author Ally Carter
allyson13 - Allyson M. W. Dyar. Mostly personal journal. Fictional Universe Website: Space Station Nexus
allochthon - Karen Swanberg
ambasadora - HEIDI RUBY MILLER, SF writer and poet, is the author of a travel guide released by MOON TRAVEL in May 2006.
amy37 - mystery and romance author Amy Garvey, mostly personal
anaparenna - M Thomas, sff writer, and a Managing Editor of the on-line zine Lenox Avenue.
andalus - David M. DeLeon, spec fic writer and Pushcart-nominated poet. website:
andpuff - Tanya Huff, fantasy writer whose books were made into the TV series "Blood Ties"
andreahurstlit - feed for the Andrea Hurst & Associates Literary Management Blog
angelinehawkes - Angeline Hawkes writes Horror and Fantasy fiction. Author of "The Swan Road", "The Commandments", "Memento Mori" and "The Isgor Chronicles". Publication credits since 1981 and member HWA.
angelkeys - Asst. Editor for PR Newswire
anghara - Alma Alexander, full-time writer with mostly fantasy leanings, website:
annesible - Anne Harris, sf/f, ya and manga author, also at
ansiblezine - A syndicated feed for Ansible, the excellent sf fanzine
anthobuilder - update journal for
anywherebeyond - screenwriter and YA author Saundra Mitchell; her debut novel, Shadowed Summer was published February 10, 2009 and was chosen as a Junior Library Guild selection for 2009
aprilhenry - April Henry, mystery and thriller writer.
arcaedia - An agent at the Donald Maass literary agency in New York.
armandcarnifex - Armand Rosamilia, Owner of Carnifex Press, publishing Horror, Fantasy and Heavy Metal
arthurslade - Arthur Slade, author of novels include DUST, TRIBES, the NORTHERN FRIGHTS series, the CANADIAN CHILLS series, and MONSTEROLOGY; website:
asphalteden - Managing Editor for Asimov's SF
asterling - Amy Sterling Casil, Nebula-award nominated short fiction writer, novelist, and nonfiction author
author2author - Five young adult authors at different stages of the publishing process blog about their experiences
autopope - Hugo Award winner Charles Stross, author of the excellent SINGULARITY SKY, among others.
avantpop - Writer and editor Michael Hemmingson
aynjel - Writer Aynjel Kaye
azhure - Australian dark fantasy author Stephanie Gunn.
baba_studio - I run a small press "The Magic Realist Press" based in Prague.
barbara_hambly - Barbara Hambly, fantasy and science fiction writer
babarnett - Barbara A. Barnett, speculative fiction writer
barbarienne - E! A personal journal with wise writing advice and examples.
barthanderson - Barth Anderson
battblush -Lyn Battersby. Australian Spec Fic author and editor and recent Clarion South graduate
battersblog - Australian SF writer Lee Battersby, author of the Prime Books collection Through Soft Air
bccreations - Joseph L. Selby, D&D freelancer, playwright, and novelist
behler_blog - feed for the editorial director for Behler Publications, Lynn Price, with information, advice, observations of various things that her desk
beleakeeney - Belea Keeney, fiction writer, published by Carnifex Press, Cleis, and Greenhaven Press
benpeek - Livejournal for Ben Peek, Sydney based author.
benrosenbaum - Writer Ben Rosenbaum
bentonbooks - feed for Jenny Bent, owner and founder of the The Bent Agency
beth_bernobich - Writer Beth Bernobich
bethanyharvey - Bethany Harvey, author and artist, writes mainstream, queer, and SF/F fiction.
bevhale - Beverly A. Hale, SF/F/H author. Novel: The Essence of Stone. Also YA, Indo-Pak Cookbook, short stories, comics, gaming
bgliterary - Barry Goldblatt who is president of, surprise, Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency.
bibleofhell - The mental bedlam of the writer & the progess of novel The Bible of Hell by Jennifer Trudeau, two-time Hopwood winner
bigglasscases - feed for literary agent, Sarah LaPolla
birdhousefrog - Journal of Oz Drummond, writer of sf and fantasy.
birdsedge - Jacey Bedford, SF and fantasy writer;
blackholly - Holly Black
blog_pub_rants - feed for Pub Rants by Agent Kristin from the Nelson Literary Agency
bloodredpencil - feed for The Blood-Red Pencil, a blog by editors for writers
blzblack - Trent Walters
bondo_ba - Gustavo Bondoni, writer of science fiction, fantasy, and occasional mainstream stories and novels.
bookendsllc - feed for the blogspot of BookEnds, LLC Literary Agency
books_to_make - a support and sympathy community for editors who manage other editors, editorial departments, and who find themselves trying to make books and documents happen in spite of authors, editors, illustrators, the editorial process, and the typographical gremlins
bookslut - Latest news about books
booksquare - News and Views for Authors
bosleygravel - Bosley Gravel, Eclectic hack writer.
bradleysands - Bradley Sands, author of It Came from Below the Belt and editor of Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens
brainstormfront - Steven E. Schend, author of "Blackstaff," a FORGOTTEN REALMS novel for Wizards of the Coast, game designer, textbook writer, and editor over the past 16 years with TSR Inc, Wizards of the Coast, Green Ronin, Goodman Games, and Write Source
bravaauthors - feed for the authors of Kensington's BRAVA line
brentsbrain - Brent Hartinger, author of books for teens and adults (Geography Club, The Last Chance Texaco, Order of the Poison Oak)
brisingamen - Maureen Kincaid Speller, copy editor, proof reader and critic.
britmandelo - Brit Mandelo, novelist/short story writer, published in several small print magazines, generally writes dark fantasy.
brooligan - feed for Stephen Gallagher, British writer of books and screenplays; credits include Doctor Who, Bugs, Chimera, Chillers, Murder Rooms...creator of Eleventh Hour and lead writer on Crusoe.
brownnicky - YA fantasy writer.
jennifer_brozek - Jennifer Brozek: editor, author, RPG game designer. Pro-blog.
bruce_h_r - Bruce Holland Rogers
bryanwolford - I have published a few short stories. One in The Writer's Net Anthology of Prose Volume 1 Fiction and two others in a UK magazine called Thirteen.
buymeaclue - Hannah Wolf Bowen
bysable - Shayne Carmichael, gay erotic romance writer: The Power of Two, Kitten, Cowboy and the Thief from Phaze. Magic and the Pagan from Samhain Publishing.
cabinetdesfees - Blog of the fairy magazine "Cabinet des Fees".
cafermbleflower - Heather Shaw has published fiction in such places as Polyphony and Strange Horizons, she co-edits Flytrap, the little zine with teeth, with her fianc‚, writer Tim Pratt.
cakmpls - Carol Kennedy, freelance editor, copy editor, and indexer
calbannin - Greg Byrne, author of fantasy (the tetralogy "The Ring of Calbannin") and an alternate history thriller (Gift)
*NEW 09.18* calendula_witch - Shannon Page, multi-published author of (thus far) short stories.
calls4subs - calls for submissions for writers
candyhavens - Candace Havens, author. Latest work: Charmed and Dangerous
carapace_green - Victoria Elizabeth Garcia
carinablogfeed - feed for Carina Press's blog
carolinedunford - feed for Write Forward, the journal of Caroline Dunford, a journalist, author, playwright, occasional voice actor, and runner of workshops
carriev - Carrie Vaughn, author of the Kitty series, including KITTY AND THE MIDNIGHT HOUR.
casacorona - Beth Meacham, another Tor editor.
casfic - Cas Stavert, short story and historical fiction writer.
cassandraclare - Just sold her first YA novel, City of Bones, to Simon and Schuster w/contracted sequels tentatively titled City of Blood and City of Glass.
cassiphone - Tansy Rayner Roberts, Australian fantasy writer & editor
catherineldf - Catherine Lundoff, author of "Night's Kiss" and forthcoming works both erotic and otherwise
cathschaffstump - YA and Spec Fiction writer, author of "Sister Night, Sister Moon" and Hulk Hercules: Professional Wrestler
cathshaffer - Catherine Shaffer: science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction/science, SFWA member
catrambo - writer and managing editor of Fantasy Magazine; her work has appeared in Asimov's, Strange Horizons, and Weird Tales
ccfinlay - author of PRODIGAL TROLL and WILD THINGS
chancewrites - Catherine M. Morrison, sff writer, recently published in SCIFICTION and Say...
chaodai - Javier Grillo-Marxuach. Television and comic book writer.
charisma - Laura Cushing, a performing and published poet, short story author and music journalist. Currently a music correspondent for Working on getting a novel published.
charliegrrrl - Her first novel, Choir Boy was published by Soft Skull Press, has had roughly 50 published short stories, and the publisher of other magazines, now distributed by Ingram Periodicals.
cherylklein - Blog of Cheryl Klein, editor with Arthur A. Levine Books.
chrisdolley - Chris Dolley, SF author of Resonance and SHIFT.
christopherrowe - Christopher Rowe, sff writer/editor/publisher, runs a small press, The Fortress of Words, w/Gwenda Bond, which produces the critically acclaimed magazine, Say...
christymarx - Christy Marx develops/edits/writes for TV,film, animation, comics, graphic novels, manga, videogames, fiction and non-fiction educational books. website:
cindymyers - Cindi Myers is the author of more than three dozen women’s fiction and romance novels; this is a feed for her market news blog
cindypon - feed for YA fantasy author Cindy Pon
cinriter - Lisa Morton, horror fiction author and screenwriter
ckastens - Christopher Kastensmidt, writer of fantasy and humor, director of Southlogic Studios
clarentine - SFF writer Chris Coen, who aspires.
clarissa_draper - feed for author Clarissa Draper (publishes under the pen name Ann Elle Altman)
classof2k7 - Class of 2k7 debut middle-grade and young adult authors of 2007
cleolinda - Cleolinda Jones, author of "Movies in 15 Minutes"
cloudscudding - Abra Staffin Wiebe, SFF and horror, so far has only published short stories, but is working on two novels, Serenade of Blood and Silver and Vicesteed.
cmpriest - Cherie Priest, author of Four And Twenty Blackbirds, various shorts and articles with four books out, with three more shortly to come; website:
colleencoover - comic book writer and artist
comixgrrls - for women in comics
coolmajaka - David Reagan, published short story writer, Submissions Editor at The Town Drunk ezine
coppervale - James A. Owen. Author/Artist/Designer: HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS from Simon & Schuster
copperwise - reviewer for Green Man Review, in the process of starting a small arts press, and published poet
cpcarey - feed from Christopher Paul Carey, spec fic writer and editor of Philip José Farmer's collections Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories and Venus on the Half-Shell and Others.
cpolk - Chelsea Polk
cranky_editors - Just like the name says: A place for editors to vent.
leahbobet - Leah Bobet
croberson - the spec fic author Chris Roberson
crowleycrow - John Crowley.
cscole - C.S. Cole, a writer of dark fantasy, speculative fiction, and horror.
cupnjava - author of gay erotic romance; her journal is a mix of personal and professional. She posts calls of submission and industry buzz whenever possible.
d_unfeasible - feed for the blog of Kit Literary
dailywritetips - syndication for Daily Writing Tips, a blog with simple yet effective tips to improve anyone's writing; website:
dances_withcats - Personal blog of JaneA Kelley, writer, webmaster and Chief Cat Slave of Paws and Effect, a weekly cat advice column.
dancinghorse - the LJ alter ego of SF/F novelist Judith Tarr.
dancingwriter - Kathryn Hinds, poet, author of more than thirty nonfiction books for kids (mostly on ancient and medieval cultures), also at work on two fantasy novels for adults
danibennett - Danielle Bennett, adult fantasy author and co-author of Havemercy, Summer 2008, Bantam/Spectra. Also contracted for an as-yet untitled second book.
danjite - Business Manager at Tasman Distribution, a book distributor in New Zealand and Australia which prints & distributes books on demand for the South Seas markets.
darinbradley - Darin C. Bradley: proofreader (Strange Horizons), copy editor (Grendelsong), writer (short forms, novels, non-fiction).
dark_goddess_76 - Gwenyth Love, horror writer w/many short pieces and poetry published who dabbles in other genres, working on my first full length novel
david_bridger - David Bridger, author of contemporary and urban fantasy. Website:
david_l_edelman - His first novel, InfoQuake was released in June.
davidbain - David Bain, sff writer.
davidfcooper - David Cooper, poet, poetry translator, journalist; website:
davidherter - David Herter, author of Ceres Storm, Evening's Empire, On the Overgrown Path, and The Luminous Depths
davidkeck - David Keck, fantasy author. First novel, In the Eye of Heaven.
davidlevine - Campbell-nominated writer David Levine
dawbooks - a community that informs readers of the books, authors, and upcoming events related to the science fiction and fantasy books published by DAW
dduane - Diane Duane, author of the YA "So You Want to be a Wizard" series, "Book of Night With Moon" and its sequel, the "Door Into..." fantasy series, and a large number of media (Star Trek, Spider Man, Sea Quest, etc.) novels.
dead_kitty - publishes a lot of poetry and has a ton of chapbooks.
deafscribe - Kevin McLeod, longtime (20 years) writer in the deaf community press, looking to do more mainstream work. Work samples available at
deannahoak - Deanna Hoak, freelance copyeditor specializing in fantasy and science fiction
dear_author_rwa - Four devoted readers serve up fiction book reviews (primarily romance and fantasy with some non fiction and manga thrown in) and commentary provide honest commentary on the publishing industry; also found at dearauthor_com
dearauthor_news - the news only feed from Dear Author, full feed at dear_author_rwa
debbiemumford - Debbie Mumford
debg - mystery author Deborah Grabien, writing updates, mostly personal
deborahb - Writer Deborah Biancotti.
debutante_ball - feed for The Debutante Ball, a group blog for debut authors
deep_bluze - David Niall Wilson, author of eight published novels and over 100 published storie.
deliasherman - Delia Sherman, author of The Porcelain Dove, Through a Brazen Mirror, Changeling, and The Fall of the Kings (with Ellen Kushner), as well as many short stories.
delkytlar - Sean P. Fodera, short fiction writer, publishing contracts professional and former rights director/electronic publishing director/agent
delree - Editor of Stirring
desperance - Chaz Brenchley, novelist and short story writer: fantasy, crime, horror, SF
devonmonk - Devon Monk, published writer of fantasy, humor, noir.
dgkgoldberg - writer of some beautiful horror fiction, had an LJ that's still readable.
dianap_blog - Diana Peterfreund, YA writer
dianafox - Diana Fox, formerly an assistant agent at Writers House who just recently started her own boutique agency, Fox Literary; website:
difrancis - Diana Pharaoh Francis, fantasy novelist
digitalred93 - Diana Botsford. SF/F writer; written for Star Trek: Next Generation, sit on the 2005 Nebula Script Jury for SFWA, and am currently writing my 1st novel
distanceswimmer - Paul L. Bates, dreamer, swimmer, novelist, fiction writer, author of "Imprint." Random reviews, occasional musings, pithy observations, flogging & crowing:
divalea - Lea Hernandez, comic-book writer and artist
djonn - John C. Bunnell, SF/F writer and reviewer
dkolodji - Deborah P Kolodji, sf poet, President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, haiku poet, editor of Amaze: The Cinquain Journal
dlandon - Dena Landon
docbrite - Poppy Brite
doctor_livsy - Sergey Lukyanenko, author of the Dozor/Watcher books (Night Watch, Day Watch, etc) and other sci-fi and fantasy novels. Website: (in English:
dohlman - K. Ceres Wright, technical writer and editor working on first SF novel.
domynoe - Denyse "domynoe" Loeb, SFF writer w/work in other genres, main Admin for Dreaming In Ink Writers Workshop; website:
douglas_clegg - Horror novelist Douglas Clegg
down_city - Editor of local indie, JAKE Magazine (online and print), poet, published short story writer (mostly personal)
dr_pretentious - Sarah Avery, fantasy writer, author of the Rugosa Coven series
dragon_moon_prs - news feed for Dragon Moon Press
dragonet2 - I write heroic fantasy, had several stories in MZB's Sword & Sorceress, Spells of Wonder and MZB's Fantasy Magazine, as well as Eldritch Tales
drewshi - John S. Drew, Writer of several short media tie-in works and a large number of audio dramas
dsmoen - Deirdre Saoirse Moen, California-based sf/f writer.
duskpeterson - Dusk Peterson, author of historical fantasy, friendship fiction, and gay fiction; also editor of True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power; Website:
e_moon60 - Elizabeth Moon, writer (several Science Fiction novels published), biologist and photographer. Personal journal focusing on daily life.
eackerman - Eve Ackerman, writing historical romance as "Darlene Marshall", author of "Pirate's Price, Captain Sinister's Lady, Smuggler's Bride"
ebenstone - John Z., aspiring author presently working on a YA epic fantasy. Oh, and I'm a HS English teacher and part time football coach
eceditors - feed for Redlines and Deadlines, the blog for a group of editors at Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
eddyfate - Eddy Webb, RPG freelance writer
eddvick - Edd Vick, SF short story author (Asimov's, Baen's Universe, etc), one of the founders of flash fiction site dailycabal.
edface_rss - Eddie Campbell, artist and author
editorialass - a recovering editorial assistant writes about books, publishing, editing, Japanese pop, and other things
editorsblogfeed - feed for The Editor's Blog, the blog for freelance fiction editor Beth Hill
editrx - Nancy Hanger, a freelance editor and production editor for Baen, also author of The First Year: Lupus -- A Definitive Guide for the Newly Diagnosed and co-author of The Internet Guide to Business Tactics for the Net.
eeknight - The lj of Roc author E. E. Knight, author of the Vampire Earth books.
eldritchhobbit - Amy H. Sturgis, scholar of science fiction and fantasy, author and speaker, website:
electricvelocip - John Klima, editor of Electric Velocipede magazine.
elementalmuse - Author of Sun Signs for Writers (Writer's Digest Books, Aug 2006), co-author of The Complete Writer: A Guide to Tapping Your Full Potential (Red Engine Press, Aug 2005) and author of Mending Fences (Whiskey Creek Press, Sept 2006); co-founder of International Order of Horror Professionals and publisher of Scribe & Quill; website:
elenuial - A. Nakama, writer of speculative fiction, poetry, and experimental literature; game designer (esp. Alternate Reality Games)
elfherself_feed - Lenneth, a writer of historical fantasy
elissa_malcohn - Published in "Asimov's", "Amazing", "Aboriginal SF", "Full Spectrum" (Bantam Books), and others; edited "Star*Line" 1986-88; finalist, 1985 John W. Campbell Award; "Covenant", the first in the "Deviations" trilogy, Covenant is now available (for pre-order) from Aisling Press; website:
elizabethbear - SFF writer Elizabeth Bear, several books in print.
elizabethjote - Elizabeth Jote, literary agent with Objective Entertainment, giving a no holds barred look at publishing from the agenting side
ellen_kushner - Ellen Kushner wrote "Swordspoint," "Thomas the Rhymer" and the forthcoming "The Privilege of the Sword" (July 2006), her work has been translated into seven languages.
erastes - multi-pubbed author of Gay Historical fiction. Lambda finalist 2009. Owner of Speak Its Name the only place for gay historical reviews: website:
eredien - Cassandra Phillips-Sears, speculative fiction poet and write
ericmarin - Eric Marin; writer and poet
ericreynolds - Eric T. Reynolds, Editor at Hadley Rille Books, and writer
erzebet - Published writer (author of Simple Stories) and artist, owner of Papaveria Press, editor of Cabinet des Fees
eugie - Eugie Foster, fiction writer with publications in places including Realms of Fantasy, The Third Alternative, Cicada, and numerous anthologies; also the managing editor of Tangent.
faerie_writer - writes teen and tween fantasy.
faerylite - Australian urban fantasy author, Erica Hayes; her first book Shadowfae was just published by St Martin's Press
fangs_fur_fey - a community of urban fantasy/contemporary fantasy /cross-genre/paranormal romance authors with novels under contract or released
fantasy_faction - feed for the Fantasy Faction blog with reviews, news and a community for fantasy fans
fantasybookcrit - feed for Fantasy Book Critic
merriehaskell - Merrie Haskell, writer
farahsf - Farah Mendlesohn
farragoblog - The Farrago's Wainscot production blog.
fastfwd - Pat Cadigan, science-fiction, fantasy, horror writer,two-time winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award
feywriter - feed for fantasy author Mary W. Jensen
ffutures - Mostly a semi-pro writer of role playing games, with some published fiction etc. Blog is mostly personal and fanfic, occasional discussions of RPG design.
filomancer - is SF/F author Judith Berman.
fineprintlitera - syndication for the blog of FinePrint Literary Management; website:
fixnwrtr - J. M. Cornwell: nationally syndicated freelance journalist, editor,
book reviewer and author of Past Imperfect available at Borders, Books-a-million, Fictionwise and Amazon online.
floatingtide - Loreen Heneghan, a beginning writer of speculative fiction and fantasy.
foliolitmgmt - the feed for Folio Literary Management,
forbeck_feed - Matt Forbeck, novelist and award-winning game designer
forwriters - a syndicated feed that monitors what's going on in the writing world.
fossefox - is a former slam champion, former editor of the Cascadia Review, and posts a lot about the publication process.
fran_jacobs - fantasy writer, my novel, the Shadow Seer, is due out in December.
frost_light - Jeaniene Frost, author of "Halfway to the Grave" and "One Foot in the Grave", the first is to be published by Harper Collins on Oct 30th 2007.
frostokovich - author (Fitcher's Bride's) Greg Frost's new blog
fryblog - feed for Stephen Fry's personal blog. Author, playwright, actor, comedian, presenter, film director
fuelyourwriting - feed for Fuel Your Writing, the inspirational “go to” site to pick up ideas, the latest news in the writing world and knowledge about your fellow wordsmiths
gabrielle_edits - Editor-in-Charge at Dragon Moon Press, an imprint of Hades Publications, and freelance copyeditor, and a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association
garybraunbeck - author of novels like In Silent Graves and Keepers
*UPDATED 09.18* gehayi - Tracey J. Pennington, author of speculative fiction and freelance editor; her edited books have been nominated for and won a Lambda Literary Awards. Writing and personal entries.
genreal - feed for Genreality, a blog that gives honest look at what it's like to make a living as an author; contributors include: Alison Kent, Jospeh Nassise, Carrie Vaughn, Sasha White, Lynn Viehl, and Jason Pinter
gerardbrennan - Gerard Brennan, writer of dark fiction with a liberal dose of black humour; website:
gibsonfeed - the feed from William Gibson's blog. He's the "father of cyberpunk," author of Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Pattern Recognition, and many others.
gideondefoe - Gideon Defoe, author of The Pirates! series.
gillpolack - Gillian Polack, speculative fiction writer and historiangillyp - former foreign correspondent turned novelist and book reviewer.
girliejones - Alisa Krasnostein, Australian editor and publisher at Twelfth Planet Press, official press blog at twelfthplanet.
glass_cats - a community for nattering about literature run bytruepenny andmatociquala
glass_mountain - Jessica Rydill Saunders, fantasy novelist and writer of YA fiction
glvalentine - Genevieve Valentine, writer of science fiction, fantasy, and slipstream;her first novel, Mechanique: a Tale of the Circus Tresaulti, is out now from Prime Books
gooddamon - Damon Kaswell, author of speculative fiction and "Writers of the Future" contest winner
goodgirllit - feed for Christian authors May Vanderbilt and Anne Dayton, website:
gordon_edgar - Gordon Edgar is a writer of non-fiction including the memoir-ish Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge published by Chelsea Green in 2010. Website:
gorelets - feed from MICHAEL A. ARNZEN, author of PLAY DEAD and GRAVE MARKINGS
graywave - Graham Storrs, speculative fiction writer from Queensland, Australia
gregmce - Greg McElhatton, professionally published short stories, critical essays, anthology editor, and journalist
gregvaneekhout - Greg van Eekhout (Ideomancer, Strange Horizons, et al.)
greygirlbeast - Reviewer and science fiction writer Caitlin R. Kiernan.
grimmwire - Montreal SF writer Glenn Grant (upcoming story reprint in the Hartwell/Cramer Year's Best SF #10!)
grrm - George R. R. Martin
gvwilson - Greg Wilson author of three programming books, one children's book, w/more in the works
gwendabondgirl - Syndicated feed of writer Gwenda Bond's journal
gwyndolin - Barbara J. Webb, fantasy author
gwynnega - Gwynne Garfinkle, fiction writer and poet (and sometime essayist and music critic).
gynocrat - feed for writer Tina Anderson's blog, Guns, Guys, and Yaoi.
haddayr - Haddayr Copley-Woods, short story writer and essayist
haikujaguar - M.C.A. Hogarth, SF/F short fiction author (Strange Horizons, The Leading Edge, Oceans of the Mind). Writing/art/life musings on the journal
halseanderson - Laurie Halse Anderson
handful_ofdust - Gemma Files, author of Kissing Carrion and The Worm In Every Heart: Horror writer, teacher, film critic, poet, mother.
hanne_blank - Hanne Blank, Sex writer and anthologist
harle_para_rom - syndication for Harlequin's Paranormal Romance Blog
hayden_thorne - feed for Hayden Thorne, author of young adult fic­tion, spe­cial­iz­ing in con­tem­po­rary fan­tasy, his­tor­i­cal fan­tasy, and his­tor­i­cal gen­res
hierath - Joanne Hall, fantasy novelist and author of "Hierath" and the "Real Barbarian Heroes" series of short stories
*UPDATED 09.18* highway_west - fantasy and horror writer. Website:
hilarymoonmurph - Hilary Moon Murphy, Minneapolis Short Story Author and Organizer of the Twin Cities Speculative Fiction Writers Network
horrordiva - Nancy Jackson is a full-time writer, editor of Sultry Heat Publications, and reviewer for Midwest.
hotc - Walter Hunt
hskinn - HS Kinn, author of paranormal romance, Immortal Reveries.
hundakleptisis - S.J.Willing/S.J.Hundak Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction and Erotic Romance author
hyperbard - JA Howe, short story/novella science fic, horror, freelance and fantasy author. The journal is used both as a way for myself to keep track of what I'm writing and to discuss my journey with lupus
ianmcdonald - Ian McDonald, SF author of BRASYL, RIVER OF GODS, et al.
ianrandalstrock - Ian Randal Strock. Freelance author of science fiction, non-fiction, opinion, and puzzles. Freelance editor. Editor of Founder/publisher/editor of Artemis Magazine (on indefinite hiatus). Former Associate Editor of Analog and Asimov's sf magazines.
imaginarycircus - teaches creative writing to adults and children, has had short stories, novel excerpts, and light comic verse published in the Harvard Review, The Boston Globe, and The Harvard Resource
imnotandrei - erotica and SF writer Steven Schwartz
iris_print - Kellie Lynch, editor of Iris Print (publisher of boys' love novels/comics)
irysangel - Jill Myles, her first novel, Sex Starved, the tale of a nerd-turned-succubus, comes out from Pocket Books in 2009; website:
isfdb - a journal tracking Speculative Fiction Authors represented on the Internet Speculative Fiction database (ISFDB)
italianeyes9 - Freelance writer of fantasy, fiction and modern day poetry.
itsallonething - Will Shetterley, SF/F author's blog
j_cheney - J. Kathleen Cheney, fantasy writer
jack_yoniga - Brett Savory, Editor-in-Chief of ChiZine: Treatments of Light and Shade in Words, author of two homeless novels and about 40 published short stories; Website:
jackiekessler - Jackie Kessler, the author of the HELL ON EARTH series (Kensington/Zebra Books); website:
jakonrath - J. A. Konrath's blog feed.
james_maxey - James Maxey, author of fantasy novel BITTERWOOD.bitterwood is the blog for the book.
james_morrow - World Fantasy Award winning author of Only Begotten Daughter, Towing Jehovah, and many others; website:
jamesenge - James Enge writes sword-and-sorcery; his novel Blood of Ambrose is due out from Pyr in Spring 2009; his website is at
jandersoncoats - Essayist, short story and historical fiction writer.
janni - Janni Lee Simner, writer of middle-grade and young adult fantasy, and short fiction for adults.
jaylake - Campbell Award winning SF/F writer Jay Lake
jcdrainville - Managing Editor of AnthologyBuilder; website:
jdeguzman - Jennifer de Guzman
jedediah - syndicated feed of Jed Hartman's journal. Jed is senior fiction editor for Strange Horizons.
jeffpalmatier - Jeffrey Dean Palmatier. Writer of horror and humor/satire.
jeffthegeek - SF author Jeff Johnston, owner/publisher of Lilley Press
jeffvandermeer - feed for writer and editor, Jeff VanderMeer
jemck - Juliet E McKenna, author of the Tales of Einarinn and the Aldabreshin Compass fantasy series.
jennafern - Jenn Nixon, her first Science-Fiction/Fantasy hybrid epic about Tiva Boon, a Royal Guardian from a distant planet, is being published by Writers of Worlds, LTD in 2008; website:
jennifer_dunne - Yes, this is me. :-) Erotic romance and fantasy novelist Jennifer Dunne
jennifer_j_s - Jennifer J. Stewart, writer of seriously funny books for kids.
jenniferthorne - writes alternate history fantasy and altered fairy tales. She has a short story in an anthology with Norilana Books set to come out next year.
jennreese - Jenn Reese: sf writer, martial artist, geek
jennycrusie - the RSS feed for romance novelist Jennifer Crusie's brand spankin' new (and funny) blog.
jenwrites - Jennifer Pelland, a science fiction writer.
jeremiahtolbert - feed for and the journal of science fiction and fantasy writer, Jeremiah Tolbert
jerwine - J Alan Erwine, SF writer and editor.
jess_ka - Jessica Reisman, sf&fantasy novelist and short fiction writer,
jesshartley - Novelist and freelance RPG writer/editor, regular contributor to Renaissance Magazine (
jfesmire - My LJ is all about my writing and art endeavors
jhetley - dark fantasy writer James A. Hetley
jim0052 - novelist and short story writer James Stevens-Arce
jimbutcher - Jim Butcher, Author of The Dresden Files series, and The Codex Alera
jimbutchernews - Writer Jim Butcher's current events blog.
jimhines - Jim C. Hines, author of "Goblin Quest" and "Goblin Hero", both forthcoming from DAW Books
jimvanpelt - Jim Van Pelt, author of STRANGERS AND BEGGARS, SUMMER OF THE APOCALYPSE, et al.
jlassen - Publisher, Night Shade Books
jlundberg - Jason Erik Lundberg, writer
jmeadows - author of 'Incarnate', the first book in the Newsoul Trilogy, upcoming from Katherine Tegan Books (an imprint of HarperCollins) in 2012
jmward14 - Jean Marie Ward, author of With Nine You Get Vanyr and Fantasy Art Templates.
jnassise - author of RIVERWATCH and the TEMPLAR CHRONICLES, current president of the Horror Writers Association
jo_graham - Jo Graham, historical fantasy writer whose books include BLACK SHIPS and HAND OF ISIS
jo_no_anne - Jo Whittemore, YA fantasy author, The Silverskin Legacy trilogy
jodi_davis - Jodi Davis, A Fictional Account, a blog of fiction, prose & screenplay
jody_hedlund - feed for author Jody Hedlund; her debut novel, The Preacher’s Bride, was released in Oct. 2010
johnaegard - John Aegard
johncwright - John C. Wright, author of The Golden Age Trilogy, The Chaos Chronicles, and Null-A Continuum. Science Fiction and Fantasy.
jolantru - Joyce Chng, Singaporean SFF writer, YA, urban fantasy, steampunk, speculative fiction.
jomarie63 - Writer of romance, contemporary, historical and paranormal fiction.
jon_hansen - Blog of author Jon Hansen (Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, et al.)
jonathanstrahan - Editor of various sff anthologies including (with Karen Haber) the iBooks Year's Best volumes, and reviews for Locus; main blog syndicated atcoode_street
josephasherman - Josepha Sherman
joshenglish - Josh English
joshrountree - Josh Rountree (Realms of Fantasy, Lone Star Stories, et al.)
jourdanlane - Jourdan Lane, gay erotica, romance, and paranormals. Published by Alyson and Torquere Press
jpsorrow - New fantasy author Joshua Palmatier, detailing the thrill and agony of his first book deal on his LJ.
julesjones - Jules Jones, sf/f and erotic romance author, published by erotic romance house Loose Id
juliabk - Julia Blackshear Kosatka
kaolinfire - Kaolin Fire, poet, fiction writer and founding editor of Greatest Uncommon Denominator (GUD) magazine.
karenetaylor - horror writer
kat0ninetales - Kat Dietrich, spoken word/slam poet and writer
katalyah - Clare Brown, fantasy writer and artist
kateelliott - fantasy and science fiction writer Kate Elliott
kateorman - Kate Orman, SF writer, best known for Doctor Who tie-in novels
katequicksilvr - artist and author of art-related books (historical miniatures, etc.)
katevassar - author Kate Vassar, website:
katharinebeutne - Katharine Beutner
katharine_b - personal journal of Katharine Beutner
kathils - writer of fantasy, urban fantasy, and some sci fi all with or without a touch of romance, some darker than others
katiemacalister - Katie MacAlister, author of several romances with Love Spell and Onyx Books; secializes in comedic romance with vampires.
kristine_smith - Kristine Smith, Campbell Award winning author of the Jani series.
kbaccellia - author of multicultural fantasy EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA. YA reviewer at Enchanting Reviews.
kdmitche - published poet who also dabbles in various genres of fiction including children's/young adult fantasy, surreal, horror
kellygay - urban fantasy author, Kelly Gay; her first novel, THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS, will be released summer 2009 by Pocket Books; website:
kellyrfineman - Kelly Fineman, children's author and poet. So far, only a few poems in print, but working for change.
ken_schneyer - Kenneth Schneyer, speculative fiction writer living in Rhode Island.
ketsugami - Django Wexler, author of fantasy novels Memories of Empire and Shinigami.
kibileri - Sharon Maas, three multicultural novels (HarperCollins) and (hopefully) upcoming women's thriller White Night
kiji_kat - personal journal of Katherine Fulton, music Journalist and freelance writer
kijjohnson - I have three books out and used to work at Tor, among other places. I am an associate director for the Center for the Study of SF at the University of Kansas.
kim_richards - Horror, fantasy and science fiction author.
kimberleylittle - children's author Kimberley Little, recipient of the Southwest Book Award
kimberlychapman - Kimberly Chapman, author of Sorrows of Adoration.
kimberlycreates - Kimberly Gonzalez, freelance copyeditor and proofreader. Blogs about reading, writing, working, foster & adoptive parenting, and whatever else strikes her fancy. Web site:
kimsheard - Kim Sheard's writing, tracking a slightly published fiction and non-fiction writer.
kinzel - Steve Miller, co-author of the Liaden Universe(R) stories and novels
kirsten_hubbard - Kirsten Hubbard, a young adult author and travel writerher debut YA novel, Like Mandarin, was released by Delacorte Press (a imprint of Random House Children’s Books) on March 8th, 2011; her second, Wanderlove, will be released in spring 2012
kjbishop - Feed for the blog of K.J. Bishop, fantasy author of "The Etched City", published by Prime and TOR UK.
klingonguy - Lawrence M. Schoen; author, Klingon language scholar
kltownsend - K.L. Townsend, writer and poet of speculative fiction (scifi, fantasy, horror)
kmankiller - Katherine Mankiller, syndicated feed of my blog about fiction, screenwriting, and web dorking
kmarkhoover - Kenneth Mark Hoover has sold over thirty short stories and articles to professional and semi-professional magazines, and his first SF novel, FEVREBLAU, was published by Five Star Press in 2005; website:
kmfrontain - K.M. Frontain, author of The Soulstone Chronicles and the Loved Him to Death series. Writer of mm/bisexual erotica and fantasy/SF. Associate editor with Freya's Bower and Wild Child Publishing. Free reads available. Visit website for information:
knight_agency - feed for the blog of The Knight Agency
konrath2 - feed for A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, the journal of JA Konrath
kradical - Keith RA DeCandido; mostly known for his work in Star Trek but also of the original fantasy Dragon Precinct.
kristindmiller - Kristin Miller, YA and MG writer
krothwell - feed for romance author Kate Rothwell
kryslavalle - YA fantasy author (Fading Scars); writer and artist of publishing-world meets fantasy-world webcomic Literary Magic
ktempest - K. Tempest Bradford
kythiaranos - Jennifer Crow, science fiction, fantasy, and speculative poetry writer and associate editor at Flash Me Magazine
l_a_winter - feed for Laurel Winter, poet and YA sf/fantasy writer. Last novel Growing Wings. Two-time winner of the Rhysling Award (Science Fiction Poetry Association) for "egg horror poem" and "why goldfish shouldn't use power tools."
la_marquise_de_ - Kari Sperring (Dr Kari Maund), fantasy novelist (1st book due from DAW in March 2009) and Celtic historian.
ladyeuthanasia - Maria Alexander, dark fiction writer, poet and smart-assed tart. Her stories and poetry have appeared to some acclaim in, Chiaroscuro Magazine and lots of print anthologies.
ladyjaida - Jaida Jones, adult fantasy author and co-author of Havemercy, Summer 2008, Bantam/Spectra. Also contracted for an as-yet untitled second book.
laney_cairo - Laney Cairo, erotic romance author
lapis_lazuli - Freelance editor (substantive and copyediting), fiction, fantasy, sf. Personal journal.
larbalestier - Justine Larbalestier
las - short story writer and humor writer
lauralb - Laura Baumbach, author of "A Bit of Rough" and other manlove romances, discussing M/M erotic romances for gay men and straight women. website:
lauralemay - Laura Lemay, author of a lot more computer books
learntowritefic - syndication for Learn to Write Fiction, a blog with mini courses that teach about different methods for creating characters or plotting to reviews of great writing books and writing products and that offers information so writers can try different methods and processes; website:
learsfool - Ree Soesbee, Dragonlance author and author of numerous Legend of the Five Rings novels, as well as a significant amount of RPGs and CCGs. Currently writing for Guild Wars MMORG.
leatherdykeuk - Writer; Urban fantasy novels of Harold and Jasfoup.
mollyringle - Molly Ringle, novelist of YA and adult fiction of many flavors
lemuriapress - Erik Mona, Editor-in-Chief of Dragon Magazine and Publisher of Paizo Publishing, LLC. Author and editor of several books and articles related to Dungeons & Dragons.
lg_blog - TV writer and mystery novelist Lee Goldberg's blog
lighthouse_wrtr - feed for The Denver Lighthouse, the blog of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, an independent creative writing school in Denver, Colorado; website: (recommended bypubrants)
lilithsaintcrow - Lilith Saintcrow is a full-time author of dark/urban fantasy; mostly personal, but there are some very useful articles on writing.
limyaael - writes fantasy (and rants very entertainingly about various aspects of fantasy writing)
lindaabdavis - Linda A. B. Davis, Writer of whatever speculative fiction that strikes my fancy for adults and children; Website:
lindajdunn - Linda Dunn
lindajsingleton - Author of YA series, THE SEER and DEAD GIRL
lingtm - Samantha Ling Speculative Fiction Writer
lisalees - Lisa Lees, author of a collection of essays and fiction, two YA genderqueer novels, and much online content, including an online novel at
lit_epiphany - Adrienne Rosado, agent for PMA Literary and Film Management
literary_equine - Alan Loewen: genre author's personal journal with publication announcements.
litagentguide - feed for Guide to Literary Agents
literaryagents - A community for literary agents and their sycophants.
literarylab - feed for three authors—Domey Malasarn, Scott G.F. Bailey, and Michelle Davidson Argyle—who share their love for literary fiction
lithaven - syndication feed for the literary blog LitHaven
lkhblog - Laurell K. Hamilton, author of the Anita Blake series
lnhammer - publishes poetry and short fiction (and sometimes poetry as short fiction). (mostly personal)
lobo_luna - a writers community for networking, mentoring, learning, discussion, critiques, encouragement, and showcasing knowledge, resources and creative endeavours
lonesome_crow - Michael Kelly, horror/fantasy writer. Debut short story collection, Scratching the Surface, forthcoming Feb. 2007.
lordshiva - Kelly Hale, sf/spec/fantasy author, Erasing Sherlock Mad Norwegian Press, Peter I Am Lost Modern Magic Anthology, Blood Pith Crux Aeon Speculative Fiction Volume 4. Grimm Reality with Simon Bucher-Jones BBC Worldwide.
louise_norlie - Louise Norlie, writer
lperkinsagent - feed for the blog of Lori Perkins, a literary agent who has been selling books for 20 years
lrcutter - Leah R. Cutter, fantasy author for Roc.
lrk_mutterings - RSS feed for Laurie R. King (mystery/suspense).
lucysnyder - Lucy Snyder's syndicated column of movie and book reviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and occasional outbursts of utter silliness
lydiakang - feed for author poetry, creative non-fiction, and young adult and middle grade fiction Lydia Kang.
lyrical_press - the feed for Lyrical Press,

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