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words count

Denyse J. Loeb
Writer and editor, mother of 4 children--2 which are still teenagers, 3 with ADD/ADHD and one with autism, and 1 that has come back home with her own daughter. Makes for an interesting life....

"Dragon Dreams," Beyond Centauri, #18 October 2007
"Essence," The Inspired Pen
"Allergic to Mornings," DII Flash & Poetry March 2004
"One Son," DII Flash & Poetry March 2003

Flash Fiction
"Faithful," DII Flash & Poetry December 2003
"No Connection," DII Flash & Poetry March 2003

Short Stories
UPCOMING "Gift of Writing," Ghostology : Hauntings From The Library, Library of Horror Press (Library of the Living Dead)
"Into Stone," Golden Visions, Spring 2011
"Presence," Golden Visions, Summer 2010
"Intended," Sounds of the Night, #2 February 2008
"Human," Worlds of Wonder, January 200
"In the Blood," Beyond Centauri, #19 January 2008
"Into Stone," Aoife's Kiss #22, September 2007
"God of Light," Worlds of Wonder: A Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Summer 2007, July 2007
"Intended," Lyrica: A Webzine of Romantic Fiction December 2005
"Presence," Dragons, Knights, & Angels October 2005
"In the Blood," Worlds of Wonder: A Webzine of Fantasy & SF April 2004
"Into Stone," Cosmic Speculative Fiction April 2004

Anothologies (incl. nonfiction)
"When Tears Fall," Voices of Autism (anthology), June 2008 STILL AVAILABLE
"Presence," Distant Passages - Volume 1: Great Short Stories and Poetry From Double-Edged Publishing, February 2007 (second printing, new publisher) STILL AVAILABLE
"Presence," Distant Passages: The Best from Double-Edged Publishing 2005, April 2006 STILL AVAILABLE

Also Available
"Presence," AnthologyBuilder, March 2011
"In the Blood," AnthologyBuilder, April 2008
"Intended," AnthologyBuilder, April 2008

Articles & Essays
"When Tears Fall," Voices of Autism, May/June 2008 STILL AVAILABLE
"Submitting Your Book: Elements of the Novel Proposal Package," The Business of Writing, January 2004
"Rebuilding After Rejection," The Business of Writing, July 2003


"Metawriting," Lyrica: A Webzine of Romantic Fiction, March 2006-June 2007
"Metawriting," Worlds of Wonder: A Webzine of Fantasy & SF, beginning July 2005

"Intended," The DII Quarterly Contest Fall 2002

I write, I breathe, I dream, I hope, I am.

Disclaimer: Feel free to friend me, but don't expect me to automatically friend back. There's just not enough time for me to read even the journals on my flist now, so I have to be very selective in what I put there. It's no reflection on you or your journal, it's all me with my crazy life.